[mod_python] compiling in windows

Ian McMeans imcmeans at telus.net
Thu Jul 25 15:46:57 EST 2002

I'm running windows XP, python 2.2, apache 2.

I can't get mod_python to compile with VC++ 6. The project file is invalid,
so I make a new one from the .dsp. When I try to compile it, (it tries to
make an .exe) it gives an error about the version.rc file mentioning
MPV_BUILD, which I delete from the file to remove the error.

Then it complains about not having httpd.h, so I download the apache source,
and copy/paste the files from the apache source to the mod_python source.

Then it complains about apr.h, which doesn't exist in the apache source.
There is a apr.h.in, apr.h.hnw, apr.h.w, and test_apr.h. I pick apr.h.w and
rename it to apr.h, copy it to the include directory for mod_python.

I end up having to copy/paste a few different include directories, and
rename some more .hn files to .h, and I still get 715 errors, most of which
are like this:
include\apr_pools.h(191) : error C2061: syntax error : identifier

THere's also this error at the beginning:
Warning: cannot find "mod_python.dep"

Is there somewhere I can download the binary for windows? Or is there a
better way to
compile it in windows, like merging VC projects or something?

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