[mod_python] Tips and Tricks initiative

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Wed Jul 3 17:38:49 EST 2002

* Alain Tesio <alain at onesite.org> [020703 17:11]:

> > For instance, I'd be very interested to read in such a tricks and tips list how to avoid the
> > overhead of creating a database connection at each call to 'handler'. And so on.
> Just make the connection a global variable.

I think I tried that, initialized the db connection at the module level. But somehow my cursor got corrupted, or something. I forgot oracle's error number, only that my workaround was to do something like (we're at module level here):

db = DCOracle2.connect(my_login_string)
def get_db_cursor():
    "create database connection"
    cursor = db.cursor() # Allocate a cursor
    return cursor

In fact I see that I am re-using the same connection here, so let me re-phrase my initial question: how do I re-use the same *cursor* (or it this a bad idea in the first place). I wonder what would happen in such a multi-threaded environment (well, I'm saling in Linuxland) where multiple httpd instances will hit on the db server (ora8i in my case) with the same cursor *concurrently* (never got to that point of desperation, though - but just from contemplating such possibility sounds like total anarchy). What I did try but eventually got an error on was to re-use the same cursor sequentially (in a non-threaded application).

Cheers, Vio

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