[mod_python] Re: mod_python make install problem

Lewis Bergman lbergman at abi.tconline.net
Mon Jan 28 11:16:37 EST 2002

> Another reason could be that the getopt code from the Python 2.2
> library is actually executed by an older Python interpreter that
> doesn't know of list comprehensions.

It seems that this explanation is correct. I had installed python2.2 on this 
machine with the make altinstall command as it is a RH7.2 install. simply 
using make install breaks all kinds of things including printing.

So, somehow, even though the instructions were followed completely and the 
--with-python switch was pointing to the right place, the make install was 
somehow using the other 1.5.2 install of python.

I used a spare machine, installed python2.2 as the only python and it worked.

I do get an error about mod_python being compiled without -DEAPI though. Is 
this something to worry about? Perhaps I forgot to compile 2.2 with the 
--with-threads=no option and this caused it?
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