[mod_python] PyHTMLArch

Jonathan Gardner jgardn at alumni.washington.edu
Fri Jan 18 07:20:23 EST 2002

For fun and education, I coded up my own handler. I wanted something like a 
bare-bones HTML::Mason, and I wanted to keep the template and the code 
completely seperate. What I came up with is PyHTMLArch. It is now at 
sourceforge - http://sf.net/projects/pyhtmlarch

It has several features that I like.
 - The code an the template are seperate
 - The template executes bits of code rather than doing a substitute. This is 
so you can write "The current time is <% time() %>" or " <% name %> has phone 
number of <% phone_nos[name] %>".
 - The code has full access to the request object. However, the CGI 
parameters are parsed and passed in as arguments.
 - It is simple, yet powerful. Combined with a working understanding of 
Apache and mod_python, it is quite a useful bit of code.

You can download it with CVS or as a bzip2. If you have any questions, be 
sure to email me. If you actually end up playing with it, let me know how you 
use it because I am very interested. I am always open to suggestions, bug 
fixes, etc... I am also interested in helping you get to use it.


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