[mod_python] Redirection with the Location Header and publisher handler

Tom Emerson tree at basistech.com
Thu Jan 10 17:35:35 EST 2002

Jonathan Gardner writes:
> I know it probably sounds like you're speaking with an idiot, but you have no 
> idea how much that has helped. 

I'm glad I could be of assistance.

> Where can I find a listing of all these RFC's and what they stand for?

Try <http://www.ietf.org/rfc.html> : you can retrieve by number of
view the index which includes titles.

For web-related technology, the first place I would look, however, is
the W3C's website, <http://www.w3.org/>. In particular you can find a
lot of information on HTTP and its related technology at


including references to the RFC I mentioned.


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