[mod_python] apache.py

Chuck Lima cl at scriptall.com
Thu Jan 10 14:33:55 EST 2002


I may be a little late to the game on this one, but here goes.

python 2.1
apache 1.3.22
mod_python 2.7.6

Lines 356 and 359 of apache.py were hacking off the "y" from my modules
i.e.: "mymodule.py"  was not found because apache.py was looking for
"mymodule.p".  It seems the intention was to avoid loading compiled
modules.  mod_pyton has never compiled my modules -- is this not

Changes I made - -

original 356:
if os.path.exists(filepath[:-1]) :

new 356:
if os.path.exists(filepath) :

Also, "filepath[:-1]" on line 359 was changed to "filepath".

This seems to have solved the problem without adversely affecting the
running of my scripts.

The really odd thing, though; is that I've got another system running
the (practically) same setup with no mods.  The difference being the
apache version.

no mods here:
python 2.1
apache 1.3.19
mod_python 2.7.6

Comments, please.


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