[mod_python] TransHandler help?

Alan Kennedy modpython at xhaus.com
Tue Jan 8 21:30:45 EST 2002


Bingo! That hit the nail square on the head, and drove it right home!


I obviously didn't read the documentation thoroughly enough. It states in section 5.1.3 about

"This routine gives allows for an opportunity to translate the URI into an actual *filename*" [my

That's filename, NOT uri. I mixed it up, and tried to modify the request URI, which is a
read-only attribute. Hence why I couldn't get it to work :*)

Many thanks for clearing this up. This means that I can forge ahead and rewrite URLs to contain
session IDs, without having to resort to "?sess=xyz" style query parameters.

Thanks again.


Robert Sherwood wrote:

> Hi,
> Transhandler translates a request from a URL to a filename. Though you
> can rewrite a URL, I found it was easier simply to use the URL that I
> had, particularly since, In my case, I could count on the argument order
> and such.
> This is an extremely simple example, but I wanted to set the file
> request to main.py, which handled all the URL processing itself. The
> important thing to remember is that the TransHandler figures out which
> file you're requesting based on the URL you pass in. It can obviously do
> any processing you need, but that is it's primary function.
> from mod_python import apache
> import string
> def transhandler(req):
>     #We want to use main.py
>     req.filename = "main.py"
>     return apache.OK
> Again, I didn't use mod_python to process the URL, that is done by the
> main Python Handler, as below (adapted slightly for your situation):
> def handler(req):
>     #remove trailing slash, if present
>     URI = req.uri
>     if URI[len(URI)-1] == '/':
>         URI = URI[:len(URI)-1]
>     #disassemble the URI for processing
>     components = string.split(URI,'/')[1:]
>     sessionID = components[0]
>     command = components[1]
>     what = components[2]
>     # Do stuff here
> There's no error checking or anything, but I found it was easier to use
> the request as it came in, rather than rewriting it and processing that.
> However, I had to use the TransHandler to set the request filename to
> the script that did the processing.
> Hope this helps.
> Rob

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