[mod_python] How to hide implementation specifics in URIs/URLs?

Mike Bell mike at mikebell.org
Mon Jan 7 20:17:17 EST 2002

On Mon, Jan 07, 2002 at 08:40:47PM -0600, Matthew England wrote:
> Thanks for the quick response.  This appears to only work if i create a 
> subdirectory with index.* files in it.  While this does get me one step 
> closer to my goal, it doesn't get me all the way there.  Maybe I'll just 
> have to deal with it?
> To be a little more specific:
> On my server, the URI:
>    <>
> prints some arbitrary text in the browser display.
> I wanted:
>    <>

How about

<Location /tmp/mptest>
  Sethandler python-program
  PythonHandler mptest


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