[mod_python] How to hide implementation specifics inURIs/URLs?

Rich Salz rsalz at zolera.com
Mon Jan 7 22:55:02 EST 2002

> Yes, it will require your users to create mptest/index.py et al.

arrgh, typing too late.  your "programmers", not users.

> The translation /path/to/dir/foo.py to /path/to/dir/foo/index.py should
> be pretty easy for them to figure out, however. :)
> > convenient as i would like for the developers.  Furthermore, my user has to
> > include a "/" at the end of the URI in order to ensure relative-link
> I do'nt think so.  If someone asks for /path/to/dir/foo, apache will
> send a redirect, telling them to ask for /path/to/dir/foo/, which will
> then kick in the index trick.
> You can set the ServerName (or something like that) in httpd.conf to be
> whatever you need/want.
>         /r$

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