[mod_python] ob-CallBack Kenobi

T. Muddletin x at Vex.Net
Sun Jan 6 00:18:02 EST 2002

Tim wrote on Friday, January 04, 2002, 2:28:48 PM:
> I've checked the permissions of the libraries, i've checked the
> locations, i've fiddled with the python path.

As a last resort i hauled out the apache source and managed to build
mod_python statically with it. And it seems to be working fine this
way. Strange that the DSO module won't work on this machine, but the
statically compiled one does? I'm not familiar enough with the
internals to speculate as to why, but just thought i'd mention this is
how i solved the dilemma finally, in case anyone else has a similar

Though i would really like to get the DSO module to work on this
machine eventually. At least it works statically for now, and
development can move ahead.

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