[mod_python] .pyc and .pyo bytecode files under mod_python ?

mike at mikebell.org mike at mikebell.org
Wed Feb 20 13:00:13 EST 2002

On Wed, Feb 20, 2002 at 12:56:36PM -0300, ps0 at igmp.com.ar wrote:
> Hi, my question is :
>  Could be possible execution of .pyc and .pyo files under mod_python ? how ?
>  I probe adding a AddHandler python-program .pyc , but doesn't work.
>  I need to run .pyc and .pyo for a specific proyect, so Im a problem if it
>  can't be possible.

.pyc files should be created automatically, all you need to do is insure
that the directory from which your mod_python scripts are being run is
writable to your web server, otherwise it cannot create the .pyc files.
Setting PythonOptimize to on will result in the creation of .pyo files.

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