[mod_python] web app framework suggestions?

Dave Cole djc at object-craft.com.au
Thu Feb 14 19:28:30 EST 2002

>>>>> "Lewis" == Lewis Bergman <lbergman at abi.tconline.net> writes:

Lewis> So I guess the question is..  Is there a recommended way to
Lewis> build a semi largish app with mod_python?

You could do worse than have a look at our Albatross toolkit.


Lewis> I am using this to build a web front end to an ISP package that
Lewis> controls billing/activation of customers on linux servers. Many
Lewis> of the tasks will be the same for a lot of different system
Lewis> users. For example; An ISP admin will need to add customers,
Lewis> just like a agent will. A user, agent, and admin will all most
Lewis> likely need to change a user password or username at some
Lewis> point.

Lewis> So... how best to break these functional areas down. I am
Lewis> leaning to wards (and have started coding) classes to generate
Lewis> HTML like forms, results of db queries, simple info display,
Lewis> menu generation. I am also thinking of classes to do the
Lewis> queries, and such. i am finished with all the classes to do the
Lewis> actual system changes (which I thought would be the hard part,
Lewis> I was wrong)

The approach which we think makes the most sense if to separate the
presentation from the implementation.  This allows you to do things
like unit test the stuff which changes your data and implements the
business logic.

Lewis> Does this sound reasonable? Is there a better way?

It depends on your preferred way of working.

Lewis> Forgive me for stupid questions but I am pretty new to python,
Lewis> its OO ways, and a mod_python baby. I have done a lot of web
Lewis> coding in php but decided on python for this because of the
Lewis> scale of it. PHP for all its pluses is only faking OO and
Lewis> doesn't seem to scale very well. Namespace can drive you crazy
Lewis> on it! I am trying to make this app 100% python because I think
Lewis> in the long haul I believe it will be more maintainable.

Quite a few things in Albatross were inspired by PHP.  If you have a
look at our toolkit you might feel partially at home.

We are hoping to release 0.06 next week along with a mailing list...


We might even build a new certificate by then too :-)

- Dave


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