[mod_python] just a hello

Matt H matt at proweb.co.uk
Thu Feb 14 00:26:27 EST 2002

hi mod_pythoners

hello from a new recruit, hopefully saved from the world of mod_perl and
the gradual weaning away from PHP

my ultimate aim is to do away with Apache and replicate the web server
side in a plan9 fileserver but providing the same API in order to move the
combination on to plan9 which has Python 2.2 but no Apache (and no real
need for porting Apache, other OS's are already better served for that).
That's the journey I'm planning but it's the travelling I'm
looking forward to.

Here goes with my opening question,

how does one gain access to the other provided objects :

the Server object is described as :

The request object is a Python mapping to the Apache request_rec structure. The server structure describes the server (possibly virtual server) serving the request. 

I can see that the request object arrives in my namespace as part of the handler

def handler(request) :

where can get the server object from to access it's members & methods



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