[mod_python] http 1.1 persistent connections

andy at nervebox.com andy at nervebox.com
Fri Dec 27 00:16:36 EST 2002

Hi all,
I'm new to Python and mod_python - and I'm having trouble finding out if mod_python supports  http1.1's persistent connections.  

I need to be able to have long-running scripts flush a single document - a little at a time, as it's generated - out through Apache to the client.  It might take a minute or an hour.  

Cold Fusion makes this dirt simple.  You can simply insert <cfflush> anywhere in your template and whatever data is generated thus far will be flushed out to Apache - which will hold the HTTP connection open until the template finishes executing.  It can be kept open for hours and makes a good sort of server push.

Can this be done with Python/mod_python?

 - thanks,
 - andy c

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