[mod_python] Warning: This library needs some functionality provided by -lpython2.2.

Stefan C. Kremer skremer at q.cis.uoguelph.ca
Sun Dec 22 01:47:25 EST 2002


I just read another post about this message by Lex Berezhny and Gregory 
(Grisha) Trubetskoy after experiencing exactly the same problem.

It turns out that the command:

wget http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/httpd-2.0.43.tar.gz

Provides a very old version of libtool:

$ /usr/local/apache/build/libtool --version
ltmain.sh (GNU libtool) 1.3.4-freebsd-ports (1.385.2.196 1999/12/07 

By contrast, httpd-2.0.42 has libtool-1.4.2.
(wget http://www.apache.org/dist/httpd/old/httpd-2.0.42.tar.gz)
Any the mod_python install goes smoothly.

Anyone know what's going on with this?!?  Did someone at apache just
screw-up and include the wrong version?  Or is there a reason for this 

Is there an easy remedy to patch 2.0.43 to work correctly?  Can I 
just copy one libtool over the other?  Anyone willing 
to share advice/experiences is greatly appreciated.



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