[mod_python] Annouce: Draco dynamic content system

Geert Jansen geertj at boskant.nl
Sun Dec 15 19:39:09 EST 2002

Hello fellow Pythoneers,

I'd like to announce the free availability of my latest mod_python project
to the list: the Draco dynamic content system.

Draco is a framework for creating dynamic web sites and and web applications.

What I like about Draco is that it is structured around a nice paradigm for a
clean separation of code (Python) and markup (html). Program code in Draco is
split in two parts: program logic and markup logic. Program logic is put in
the so-called handlers.  These handlers process the user's request and put the
result in a namespace called the interface. On the other hand, markup logic is
put in a template. The template is a regular template as seen in many dynamic
content systems but its task in Draco is much more limited. It should only
format the data in the interface in the html and nothing more.

Draco offers a large standard library with functionality that is often used in
dynamic web sites. This includes: automated session management, a limited form
of user management, easy form parsing and feedback, events, task scheduling (no
more cron!) and tag rewriting.

Draco is freely available under the GPL. More information can be found on
the Draco website at http://draco.boskant.nl/.

Geert Jansen

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