[mod_python] mod_python os.environ bug?

Ray Drew ray_drew at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Dec 3 23:44:24 EST 2002

Hi Grisha,

I'm using mod_python in conjunction with quixote

In moving from Apache 1.3.22/mp 2.78 to Apache 2.043/mp 3.01 I get a
TypeError on the quixote function environ.get(key, default). The default in
this function is None and this is what returns the Type Error. If I change
the default argument to an empty string everything works ok. It's been
suggested that there may be a bug in mod_python, see below:

On Tue, Dec 03, 2002 at 09:55:57PM -0000, Ray Drew wrote:
> Moving from...
> Apache 1.3.22 Python 2.2.1 mod_python 2.7.8 Quixote 0.5.1 Windows XP
> ...to...
> Apache 2.043 mod_python 3.0.1 rest as above.

>     return self.environ.get(key, default)
> TypeError: get() argument 2 must be string, not None

I would guess it is a mod_python bug.  I suppose it replaces os.environ
with an object that does incorrect type checking on the second argument
to get().

Would that be right?



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