[mod_python] mod_python on Windows

Neo Eureka neo at https.ru
Tue Dec 3 15:09:03 EST 2002

Hi !

  I have no cygwin installed but I had just the same problem with
mod_python 3 on WinNT. I posted this question a logn-long time ago.
There are about ten people who have reported the same issue since that

> Grisha,
> Unfortunately, I think it must be more involved than that...
> I have the identical problem, but I use python 2.2.1
> I am running mod_python 3.0.1, Python 2.2.1, Apache 2.0.43, Windows
> 2000 Professional.  I also have cygwin installed, if that might make
> a difference.  It appears that the Mark (the original poster) also
> has cygwin.  I also played with the permissions and owners to no
> avail.  Are there any other things I should try?    
> Chad Harrington 
> harrington_chad at hotmail.com 

Neo Eureka / mailto:neo at https.ru

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