[mod_python] 3.0 beta dll now available

Adrien Plisson rien at yeepa.org
Fri Aug 23 18:43:12 EST 2002

From: "Gregory (Grisha) Trubetskoy" <grisha at modpython.org>
> For Windows users, I managed to compile a DLL, and the "hello world" test
> passed OK on Win2K.

cooooool ! I won't have to do it on my own, though it could be of great

that's too bad i don't have time to look further at it, but the new apache
2.0 features looks great and will surely enable me to meet my goals sooner
than expected. it's great that mod_python is getting this way.

btw, i would like to thank you, grisha, for all the work you're doing, and
all the time you spend on mod_python. it ruuuules !


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