[mod_python] mod_python link on Apache web page?

vmilitaru at sympatico.ca vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 23 06:08:09 EST 2002

My reaction: all mod_python actually needs from the apache bunch is more 
'exposure', and somehow their official blessing and recognition, which is
what 'python.apache.org' or some other pointer from the 'official'
apache site gives you. 
I'm not saying you should not ask them politely for their reaction to this
request, rather something like:

I'm from mod_python. We have this great apache module, but sadly we don't see
a pointer on the apache site towards our module. Since it is so similar to 
other great apache modules like mod_perl and mod_php, what would it take to
have a pointer to the mod_python site on the official apache site, alongsite
mod_perl and such ? Something like 'python.apache.org' redirecting to
'www.modpython.org' sounds quite appealing to us. Any feedback on this topic
would be appreciated.

Simple, direct, cutting the bull to a minimum. If that's feasible, or not,
you'll know, and why, and won't waste your time further if it's a no no. 
You don't need all this consulting the greater Python community for some link
on a web page. 
Too much politics. My little experience in 'managing an
open source project through consensus' has not been that great so far (too much
talk, too few results: each has a different opinion, so everybody
discusses ad noseam on the best way to cut the cheese). Grisha developped
mod_python on his own, and though I may be mistaken, I don't recall him 
talking about doing much consulting previous to starting that project.

Furthermore, I'm pretty sure the 'Apache Software Foundation' people is aware
of mod_python's existence, and won't confuse python to its reptilian cousin
(nor the famous british comedy group). These are pretty bright people.

My opinion (again). In case nobody else has one on this specific political 
topic, or don't agree with you, just do it anyway, and share your results 
with the list. What's the worst that can happen? Yo'll get flamed ? 

You only live once :-)

* Fabian Fagerholm <fabbe at paniq.net> [020823 05:10]:
> On Fri, 2002-08-23 at 11:41, vio wrote:
> > Fabian, I think you should just shoot the 'python.apache.org' question on the
> > appropriate apache mailing lists and see what happens. If something interesting
> > comes your way, maybe forward it to the mod_python list. But if too much shit
> > comes your way, maybe have a pair of scissors close by (to cut your modem line,
> > of course). Anyway, it's the only way to really answer your query, and seems 
> > to me the key resides much more on the apache side than on the mod_python side
> > (I mean Grisha).
> >
> > Don't have to ask so many permissions. Just do it. See what happens.
> I agree that doing something is the only way of doing it :)
> I do think there are different ways of doing things, though. Some of the
> ways will inevitably lead to failure - and I'd like to avoid those.
> Specifically, I want to approach the Apache Software Foundation in the
> correct manner. Bargning in, yelling the name of an arbitrary reptile,
> is hardly the way to go. I also want the opinion of the people currently
> using the Python-Apache combination. If nobody is interested in this,
> then what is the use of it?
> In addition, I want to avoid making things worse for people in the
> future. It might be that the issue cannot be adressed right now, but
> could be adressed in the future. In that case, a previous negative
> experience will not be beneficial.
> But rest assured that something will be done. I have already aquired
> information on the correct procedures to contact the ASF. Before I do
> that, however, I will try to reach a larger part of the Python Web
> community and listen to some opinions there. For all I know, someone
> else might be doing this as we speak - in which case we should join
> forces.
> I'd welcome further discussion on this topic, and I'll post more
> information when I have it.
> Cheers,
> Fabian

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