[mod_python] Complicated GET configuration

vio vmilitaru at sympatico.ca
Fri Aug 16 15:26:07 EST 2002

* Hunter Matthews <thm at duke.edu> [020816 14:24]:
> (...)
> What I had as a first attempt was:
> <Location /XMLRPC/$RHN>
>     SetHandler python-program
>     PythonAuthzHandler current_apache
> </Location>
> But this is clearly wrong (and it doesn't work, either :) 
> Because I have the SetHandler, mod_python tries to handle ALL the
> different parts of the request, when I only want it to handle the Authz
> stage: if that PythonAuthzHandler returns  apache.OK, then I would like 
> apache to pick up the URL and just fling it back at the client - the
> python part is done.

My recalling of the mod_python manual reading (at least over a month old now,
so I might be wrong here) is that Apache handles requests in stages. And
with mod_python you pick and choose which stages you want to handle. 
But you never have to handle ALL stages.
Have you checked the tutorial file 'tut-more-complicated.html'?
I see there talk about 'PythonAuthenHandler', but nothing about
'PythonAuthzHandler' you are referring to here (a typo?).

I don't know if this is of any help, but an example of the different way 
GET and POST are handled, which I found quite useful, is illustrated in 
'util.py/class FieldStorage/__init__'.

Hope this helps,

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