[mod_python] Ping?

clee at spiralis.merseine.nu clee at spiralis.merseine.nu
Fri Aug 16 07:55:36 EST 2002

>>>>> "vmilitaru" == vmilitaru  <vio> writes:

    vmilitaru> Same here. But even more problematic seems that some
    vmilitaru> messages never make it to the list (at least some of my
    vmilitaru> messages never did).  Possible solution (provided this
    vmilitaru> message make it to the list): how about migrating
    vmilitaru> modpython to 'sourceforge'? It's totally free and they
    vmilitaru> do an outstanding hosting job.

Sourceforge is great, but I would vote against this idea for one
reason: in my past experience, I have always prefered using the Mailman web
interface for browsing list archives over sourceforge's GeoCrawler
mail system.

Is it possible to use Mailman with sourceforge?


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