[mod_python] Humble pie, plus an apology.

Davies, Bryn Bryn.Davies at AirLiquide.com
Thu Aug 8 11:12:23 EST 2002

 First, I'd like to apologise for wasting all of your time.  The bug was due
to a typo in the Directory clause in httpd.conf, relating to where the
example python script was kept.  Fixing this, and removing the shebang from
the top of the python script ( hence returning its execution responsibilites
to Apache itself ) resolved my problem.  I shouldn't have assumed the
problem was modpython itself.

 Sorry! *blush*

Bryn Davies, IT Administrator, Air Liquide Healthcare.
"And journeyed up the mountainside, over the clouds...
 and nothing was ever heard of him again."

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