[mod_python] Win32 Installs: import _apache

Davies, Bryn Bryn.Davies at AirLiquide.com
Tue Aug 6 11:15:25 EST 2002

 First, I apologise for jumping in straight away with a question, instead of
lurking around and possibly trying to help some others, but I'm a bit
puzzled as how to get around the problem I'm facing.

 I've run mod_python on Linux servers before, but for various reasons, work
wants this one deployed on Win32 for the moment.  Apache deployed fine, I
added mod_python.dll to LoadModules, performed the AddModule mod_python.c
etc, and Apache starts fine.  The problem arises when I try to execute the
example python script as shown in the Win32 Installation Guide ( App. A ):

 Here is an excerpt from the error log:

[Tue Aug 06 10:03:35 2002] [error] [client]   File "C:\program
files\python22\lib\mod_python\apache.py", line 55, in ?
[Tue Aug 06 10:03:35 2002] [error] [client]     import _apache
[Tue Aug 06 10:03:35 2002] [error] [client] ImportError: No
module named _apache

 At the expense of sounding like a dimwit, can anyone inform me of where
this module lives?  It doesn't seem to be in the distributions I downloaded.
If it is a code object, can someone likewise inform me of a source for a
precompiled version?  Decent compilers are rather scarce here.  It would be
great if I could get this project up on its legs, because ( irony ) if I can
get all this jumping on Win32, apparently I'll be able to use Linux servers
for the final deployment. :-P

 If anyone can give me any advice, I would be most greatful to them. :-)

 Regards, and happy pythoning,
  Bryn Davies.

Bryn Davies, Systems Administrator.
Air Liquide Healthcare Australia.

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