[mod_python] Migrating from CGI-Python to mod_python

Peter Bittner peter.bittner at gmx.net
Thu Apr 25 16:35:20 EST 2002

Hi there!

(I am no complete Python newbie. However, I am new to mod_python.)

I have written a library database with web user interface in Python a while
ago. Now I finally want to migrate it to mod_python since this promises the
web interface to be much faster then.

I have read some of mod_python's documentation, but this seems not to have a
proper solution (or tutorial) for my migration problem.

Is there anyone who already has experience with migrating python code that
runs based on CGI to mod_python? (I don't think I want to use mod_python's CGI
handler. I'd rather go for a clean mod_python implementation!)

Can anyone provide me some sample code of clean mod_python scripts?
Please help!

Cheers, Peter

Peter Bittner
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