[mod_python] taking over the main "index" page with mod_python?

Hugo van der Merwe s13361562 at bach.sun.ac.za
Sun Apr 21 17:31:29 EST 2002


I want to have the page returned by


also be served by the mod_python publisher, e.g. I want it to load the
same thing as /show.py/norm - what is the simplest way to do this?
Something with DirectoryIndex? Or maybe with a normal mod_python handler
and a small python "wrapper"?

I hope this hasn't been asked too many times before. I could not find 
anything in the documentation included in the Debian 
libapache-mod-python package, version 2:2.7.6-1, and that does include 
the Mod_python manual for 2.7.6.

About updating to the newer mod_python for the security exploits: I have
sent an email asking for an update of the Debian package, and will
follow up on the issue.

Hugo van der Merwe

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