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Fri Apr 5 13:35:41 EST 2002

> the <form tag is a way of telling the browser how to lay out a form
> the GET method is a way to tell the HTTP server what you are after
> the POST method is a way to give the HTTP server information
> browsers linking forms to POST/GET requests is an end user convenience
> your code *must* accept that some or all of the fields will 
> not be included for I may manually type
> http://www.ewwef.com/page.html?var1=hello&var2=goodbye
> Also how would you discriminate between a page request and a 
> submission if you expected
> http://www.ewwef.com/page.html?var1=&var2=
> the solution to the poster's problem is a wrapper to his 
> function that checks the parameters for validity (soemthign 
> he shoudl be doing anyway!)

Thanks Matt,
I'm doing anyway param. checking, I just was curious to understand,
why and what... Important is that now it works. BTW: do you know
some good intro about GET/POST? Of course, one can read the RFC
(and it should do it!), but a tutorial always helps... The ones
I found focus on HTML, not on GET/POST.

Best regards,
Thanks Matt,

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