[mod_python] If-Modified-Since date parsing?

harm at millionmonkeys.nl harm at millionmonkeys.nl
Mon Sep 24 23:16:30 EST 2001


I`m making an little scale-this-image-on-the-fly handler. Works like
requesting /magicimages/chicken.gif?width=200&height=255 and you will get
an nicely scaled image. Piece of cake of course and uses a filecache to 
make things nice and speedy.

Now I would like to use the If-Modified-Since header, so I can return the 304
"Not modified" code. Makes requests go faster for everybody (No unnecesary
Is there any module out there to parse the date from this header in
something easier to work with? Example date:
Tue, 1 Jul 2002 11:11:11 GMT


Ps: The handler needs to scale the usual web-images: gif, jpg and png. I am
currently using Pythonwares Image (PIM) library. Any better (smaller /
simpler / more mod_python friendly) suggestions?

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