[mod_python] Patch to Server object

Geert Jansen geert at boskant.nl
Tue Sep 4 16:48:44 EST 2001

Good day,

First of all: mod_python is great! I've been using it a couple of months now
to develop an (yet another, yes I know:) ASP like environment for Apache,
and I really like it.

But now I stumbled on a problem. I'm having difficulty implementing a global
"Application_OnStart" event. The event should be executed by my ASP
environment before the first request is served, but, only _once_ for the
whole server, _not_ one time per child. This event is very handy for
initializing application wide (database backed) variables so I'd really like
to provide it...

I could not find a way to satisfactorily implement this with the current
mod_python. To solve the problem I wrote a small patch to servermodule.c
that adds two member variables:  "my_generation" and "restart_time".
"my_generation" is the current generation of the child (the number of
restarts), and "restart_time" is the time of the last (re)start.

Using these variables I am able to implement the "Application_Onstart"
I keep the last restart time in an application global variable. At child
startup, I look at this value. If it is not equal to the current restart
time, I raise "Application_OnStart" and update the restart time (with the
necessary locking of course).

The patch is attached. Could this be applied? I think this could suit other
developers too.

Thanks for your time!

Geert Jansen
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