[mod_python] win32 problem

Stefan Ernst dotvoid at gmx.de
Thu Oct 25 22:37:24 EST 2001


I'm completely new to mod_python (and not that good in english-speaking
;) ).
I tried to install it on my Apache 1.3.22 (Win32).
I installed Python 2.1.1, mod_python (exactly!) as described in
http://www.modpython.org/live/mod_python-2.7.6/doc-html/app-wininst.html - I
also added
the "AddModule mod_python.c" line to my httpd.conf - everything fine so far,
Apache starts without displaying error-messages.
But: Everytime I try to execute the python-example, it displays:

Mod_python error: "PythonHandler mptest"

Traceback (most recent call last):

  File "D:\Python21\Lib\mod_python\apache.py", line 181, in Dispatch
    module = import_module(module_name, _req)

  File "D:\Python21\Lib\mod_python\apache.py", line 335, in import_module
    f, p, d = imp.find_module(parts[i], path)

ImportError: No module named mptest


Since I didn't find any mptest-module in the mod_python-2.7.6-release, I'm
just wondering - did I forget something??
There's an apache-compiled and none-compiled .py in the mod_python folder.



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