[mod_python] Problems with Python on win with apache 1.3.22

Ray Drew ray_drew at yahoo.co.uk
Tue Nov 27 15:15:03 EST 2001

Apache 1.3.22 + mod_python 2.7.6 + Python 2.1.1 + Windows XP professonal
works fine for me, so I don't think there is anything fundamentally wrong
with Apache 1.3.22 + mod_python.


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Subject: [mod_python] Problems with Python on win with apache 1.3.22

Dear All (esp. Mark, Dan and Grisha),

I swapped Apache 1.3.22 for 1.3.20 and my problem was solved. So advice:
stick with Apache 1.3.20 on windows if you want to have an integrated Python

Thanks for all your help, Michel
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