[mod_python] Sessions

Geert Jansen geert at boskant.nl
Wed Nov 7 22:02:54 EST 2001

Jeff Davis wrote:

> I would appreciate your code. Just tell me where to get it (or
> email me if it
> is small). I was planning to take a look at a few session
> management systems
> and determine the best approach. I will probably try to
> incorporate my code
> into weblib (weblib.sourceforge.net). Tell me if there are any issues you
> would like me to keep in mind (like a license issue or some kind
> of credit at
> the top of the code).

A sneak preview of Python.ASP can be found at:

I noticed I wrote a document on session management! It is in the archive

DISCLAIMER: There is no documenatation yet, and neither an install
procedure. You need mysql to run it. You also need the latest mod_python 2.X
CVS to run it. (or search the mod_python archives for my patch). And there
is a performance drain I didn't find yet. Oh well... have fun! ;)

Geert Jansen

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