[mod_python] Session data

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Thu May 31 09:26:49 EST 2001

Dave Cole wrote:

> Gregory> Since Apache 1.3 runs multiple processes, it is impossible to
> Gregory> share memory between them and therefore maintain state in the
> Gregory> server.
> That is not strictly true.  If you wish to retain state at the server,
> you have to write some code.  You can either save state in some sort
> of database (not necessarily relational) at the server, or you can
> build a session server and cache connections to the server in your
> mod_python program.

Anyway, this would be nice to have in the FAQ.

When I startet to look into mod_python, I did compare with JavaServer, and found
that this "session thing" were missing, and Gregory's comment about scalling
helped me undestand that the JavaServer solution were not always sufficient.

> http://www.object-craft.com.au

Ahh, yet another Rating expert :-)


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