[mod_python] Re: Win32 threading issue

Geoff Talvola gtalvola at nameconnector.com
Tue May 29 20:28:49 EST 2001

Great!  I love it when bugs have already been fixed.

Grisha, are you planning on releasing 2.7.4 any time soon?  If so, I'll 
just wait for it to be released.

At 09:03 AM 5/30/01 +1000, Chris Trengove wrote:
>This problem has now been fixed, and I expect will be part of mod_python
>2.7.4 when Grisha decides to release that. In the mean time, if you have a
>desperate need to avoid the threading problem, you can access the modified
>files in the CVS.
>At 02:04 PM 29/05/2001 -0400, Geoff Talvola wrote:
> >I just wanted to confirm that I also get the same behavior on Windows -- if
> >I stress out a simple script like the one below with multiple simultaneous
> >requests, I get sporadic errors, just as Chris Trengove reported.
> >
> >I'd be happy to help diagnose and fix the problem, but I know next to
> >nothing about Apache and mod_python's internals.  I do have access to VC++
> >6.0 and I have successfully compiled the mod_python dll (for Python 2.1).
> >
> >Where should I go from here?
> >
> >- Geoff Talvola
> >   gtalvola at NameConnector.com
> >


- Geoff Talvola
   gtalvola at NameConnector.com

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