[mod_python] httpd dead but subsys locked

Alexis Iglauer aiglauer at yahoo.com
Tue May 29 06:41:57 EST 2001

My experience is under various versions of Mandrake and Apache 1.3.x.

That message usually comes if apache segfaults.  Check your /var/run
directory for httpd.pid and delete it.

Try running 'httpd -X' to see what error messages you get (often the
problem is threading support or not having the LoadModule line for
mod_python as the first LoadModule in httpd.conf).  My apache always
just crashed - with no debug info - when I loaded a .py file.

Once you have that sorted out (httpd -X runs fine), I find that
'/etc/rc.d/init.d/httpd restart' usually does the trick if you have the
'locked subsystem' error message on starting apache.

Hope this helps

--- Jeroen van Drie <jvdev at 3va.net> wrote:
> situation:
> mod_python, RH 6.2, MySQL-3.23.38-1 all RPM based.
> When starting up httpd and running httpd status it returns:
> httpd dead but subsys locked
> No instance of httpd is found running.
> When removing the two mod_python dso lines in the httpd.conf it
> starts up 
> fine.
> I have seen these errors on some php mailing lists as well where
> people seem 
> to be relating it to the presence of mysql. There is nothign in the
> apache 
> log file even at debug log level.
> A restart of mysql did not help.
> I have read that the situation in case of php will be resolved with a
> server 
> reboot. However in this case that would be impractical.
> Have any of you experienced this problem and have you found a
> solution?
> Thanks.
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