[mod_python] Cookies, Redirects & Headers - Oh My!

Mark Berry markb at well.com
Sun May 27 10:27:38 EST 2001

Hello List,

After spending almost 2 hours wrestling with the cookies and headers 
from the publisher,  I might suggest that we add a few simple examples 
into the standard documentation showing how to do very  basic but common 

Also, is there no reason that the publisher couldn't be extended at the 
core level to have something such as session management (using python 
pickling methods) for basic serialization, etc.  Is mod_python kept at 
grass-roots for a good reason? ;-)

I must say that with exceptions of a pool of example code, mod_python 
has been a pleasure to work with.  I would be happy to submit some 
example code to be put into the documentation if interested.



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