[mod_python] Multiple versions on one machine

Brendan Paull paullb at bigfoot.com
Fri May 25 17:14:21 EST 2001

	On my Red Hat 7.0 system I have two versions of python installed (1.5 and 
2.1) andt hey both work fine. They can be called by typing python1.5 and 
python2.1. I could not deinstall the RPM for 1.5 because there are many 
things that depended on it in my system. However, I have got my mod_python 
(v2.7) working and I can call scripts from inside the html directory 
(/var/www/html/python/ and HTML files for apache are in /var/www/html). 
However, mod_python sees only 1.5. How do I go about getting it to see the 
2.1 as well?

	Also, how would I go about getting python to work as a CGI interpreter, 
again preferably the 2.1 version. I already have perl5 working on the 
system? Is there a how-to somewhere?

I would appreciate any insight into either on of these questions,

Thank you in advance,

Brendan Paull

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