[mod_python] ANN: new release of maki

Sam Brauer sam at webslingerZ.com
Tue May 22 09:55:58 EST 2001

I've released a new version of maki at http://maki.sourceforge.net

maki is a mod_python handler which uses various 4Suite components to serve
XML with Apache.  It allows a web developer to specify processing rules
based on path-matching regular expressions.  Each rule describes a
pipeline with any number of XSLT steps and/or custom processing steps.  A
processor that evaluates embedded Python source to dynamically modify the
document is included.  maki also supports time-based caching of output.
Also included are two example "logicsheets": one that adds HTTP request
data to the document and another that executes SQL queries and creates
elements from the results.

The overall functionality is similar (though intentionally not identical)
to Cocoon.

For more info, please take a look at the online documentation at

Thank you,

Sam Brauer : sbrauer at users.sourceforge.net

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