[mod_python] mod_python vs. aolserver/pywx and postgresql

Michael Haggerty mhagger at alum.mit.edu
Wed May 2 19:35:31 EST 2001

"Bryon G" <db8coach at hotmail.com> writes:
> The syntax for the AOLServer database access stuff was, in my
> opinion, harder to learn than the pg way largely because there was
> less documentation available, but once that was out of the way the
> pooling question seemed to be the only real difference between the
> two in terms of end performance.

I'm hope nobody is offended that I follow up with a comment about PyWX
on this mailing list...

With PyWX you don't have to limit yourself to the AOLserver database
API to get connection caching.  (In fact, I don't use it myself.)  The
latest version of PyWX has a single-interpreter, multiple-thread mode
with which you could open, for example, multiple pg database
connections on startup and store them in a pool.  Individual scripts
would grab a connection from the pool, use it, clear it out, and
return it to the pool to be reused.  Of course this is predicated on
pg and your pool code being thread-safe.

Once multithreaded Apache is out, similar tricks should be possible in
the Apache world.


Michael Haggerty
mhagger at alum.mit.edu

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