[mod_python] mod_python and databases.

Dado Feigenblatt dado at wildbrain.com
Tue May 1 16:09:44 EST 2001

Hi there.

New to the list. New to mod_python.

I have a bunch of questions, but please, I'm not trying to start a flame

I need to put up a database with access from different platforms.
So far I got this (which might change as my research continues):

The DB server will be (for now) PostgreSQL.
Users will be on different machines: SGIs, Intel/Linux, Macintoshes, and
maybe some Windows boxes.
At first I thought of doing the interface entirely web based, for
portability sake, using PHP (which I don't know)
Then, it hit me that this database will be accessed not only by humans
but by applications runing on some sort of UN*X like machine, and maybe
others (Mac/Win).
We have a lot of little apps and "glue" written in python.
So, we'll have to write some DB modules to interface with our DB and
other apps.
Then it hit me again, if we'll have to write a lot of that stuff in
python, maybe I should discard PHP and just go for python.
That's how I got to mod_python.
But this database will be internal only. Do I need a webserver with
mod_python for that?
Python has nice GUI toolkits. Can't I just do it in Python/Tk or
Why should I use mod_python?


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