[mod_python] Mod_Python on Windows

piet at cs.uu.nl piet at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jun 27 11:34:15 EST 2001

>>>>> "Christopher Beatty" <christo at vaix.net> (CB) writes:

CB> Well, I installed Mod_Python on my Windows ME machine. I used the directions
CB> for Windows installation in Appendix A of the documentation. When I run the
CB> test script, I get an internal server error. I've checked everything and
CB> can't seem to find exactly what's causing the problem. Here's a snippet from
CB> my apache error log regarding it:

CB> -------------
CB> [Tue Jun 26 19:35:06 2001] [error] python_handler: make_obcallback returned
CB> no obCallBack!
CB> make_obcallback(): could not import mod_python.apache.
CB> make_obcallback(): could not call init.
CB> -------------

CB> I'm running Apache 1.3.20, Python 2.1 and Mod_Python 2.7.4. If anyone could
CB> help me, I would greatly appreciate it.

Check if the following files are present:

in your Python directory (i.e. where python.exe is located):

There should be a subdirectory mod_python that contains the following
(and possibly the corresponding .pyc or .pyo files)

In your Apache directory in the modules subdirectory there should be
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