[mod_python] import module via publisher

richard hitier richard.hitier at idealx.com
Thu Jun 21 09:47:19 EST 2001

Hi all,
and thanks for your many answers!

* Le  18 Jun >Mike Hostetler< ecrivait:
> I have had this happen too . . . I figured it was some sort of caching with
> either Apache or mod_python.  Or maybe the browser . . . 
in fact I had a local proxy (wwwoffle) that I now pass through with
w3m -no-proxy my_web_page

but I didn't see any difference :(

* Le  19 Jun >Bo Lorentsen< ecrivait:
> I think there is a good explanation for mod_python to act like this.
i guess so too, but I would *love* to know which one ;)

> There must be an easy way to ether disable this cache of refresh it by
> force (other than restarting apache) !
perhaps, but still looking for ...

in fact, from now on I can tell two points:
(remember I work whith the publisher)

1º    calling http://my_page/module/fonction

always give me the latest modifications results (whithout restarting
apache at all)

2º     But if I call some imported code in my module.fonction()
this will never be updated according to imported module file last

=> I _have_ to restart apache each time I want my modificationx be

* Le  19 Jun >Jonas Meyer Rasmussen< ecrivait:
> import my.module
> def handler( req ):
>    reload( my.module )
I can't do that since that I'm porting code from zope app to apache app.
And, they import name instead of module:

    from foreign_module import my_name

and this (afaik) canot be reloaded in python.

Any How, thanks all.
and if I solve my problem I'll let you know.


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