[mod_python] import module via publisher

richard hitier richard.hitier at idealx.com
Mon Jun 18 17:37:33 EST 2001


I'm a bit disapointed with the mod_python mechanisms of importing

In fact, I'am still wondering how this could work:

some times, whilst the
 import my_module 
line is in, i get nameError or importError from the publisher .

then, after reloading many times the url through the http client (here,
w3m), I finally get my result ok.

But from then, I can modify the imported files, nothing will change
even if i suppress the "import ..." line from my main module,
unless I  shut w3m down and relaunch it.

thx for clues
Richard Hitier                 PGP Key on pgp.mit.edu
richard.hitier at IDEALX.com	   key 0xD1BAD022

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