[mod_python] index.py as index

piet at cs.uu.nl piet at cs.uu.nl
Wed Jun 13 12:59:27 EST 2001

>>>>> Karol Bryd <kbryd at python.org.pl> (KB) writes:

KB> This is quite obvious but it won't solve my problem with path info, I
KB> will still have to write url like this http://lh/page/?index to call
KB> function named index from index.py. Am I right?

I think so.
But why do you want to use the publisher handler for this?
You can make a separate handler for the indexes like this:

DirectoryIndex index.pyx index.html
<Directory "...."> 
  AddHandler python-index .pyx
  PythonHandler index 

And then put the indexing code in index.pyx
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