[mod_python] index.py as index

Karol Bryd kbryd at python.org.pl
Tue Jun 12 18:15:25 EST 2001


    This was probably discussed before, but I could't find it in the
archives. I am using mod python with Publisher handler and I would like
to create index page that would be displayed without adding path info to
the URL. In other words :-) normally to display somethig I have to use
URL like this: http://lh/page/index.py/index, but having such an URL as
an index page is not convenient. What I want is to have a page that will
be displayed after typing http://lh/page/ (for example this will call
function index in index.py). How to do it?

Ufff. I hope that you are able to understand it :-)

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