[mod_python] Problem with httpd.conf under NT

Michael Jaeger michael.jaeger at brainmedia.de
Fri Jun 8 13:36:08 EST 2001

> If you have a downloaded DLL, this is not compiled for Python 2.1. So
> have to use Python 2.0 or recompile mod_python for 2.1.

This seems to be a trivial task for you but obviously not for everybody
on this list, since there are beginners and people who are used to
program in others languages than C/C++. This may sound stupid to you,
but not everyone, not even some 'real' programmers, know how to
recompile mod_python for 2.1.

But sure there are geeks on this list, who know. So _please_ do us the
favour and do this job for us and post a dll for Python 2.1!

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