[mod_python] Internal_redirect ?

Miguel Marques miguel at yorku.ca
Tue Jul 31 09:39:07 EST 2001

On Tue, 31 Jul 2001 09:13:26 -0400, Chris Hagner <CHagner at fool.com> wrote:
> If I remember correctly, Grisha stated that this feature has been highly
> requested (and is do-able) but has not yet been implemented.
> Chris
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> Subject: [mod_python] Internal_redirect ?
> Hi ...
> I have been working on a larger site setup where I like to force a
> redirection to a internal login page if user is unknown (cookie thing).
> The only way of redirection I can find is the one described in the
> mod_python FAQ, but this often gives a small annoying page telling the
> user about a redirection, but what I want is to do it seamless to the
> browser.
> Now in the Apache doc, I found some info. about a function calls
> "internal_redirect", that does exactly what I like to do, but its not
> part of the mod_python API, or I cant find it, at least :-)
> Have anyone a good hint for me at this point ?

With apache I do exactly what you are trying to accomplish by setting
a cookie in req.err_headers_out and returning apache.HTTP_FORBIDDEN.
Then in the apache configuration file you use 
ErrorDocument 403 http://yourloginpage 
in the directory/ies you are trying to protect...
Hope that helps...


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