[mod_python] usign the apache log ?

Bo Lorentsen bl at netgroup.dk
Fri Jul 27 13:59:51 EST 2001

Hi ...

I have been writing a system using this mod_python module, and it just
work out fine for me. Its really a nice Python tool, keep up the good
work. But (there is always a but :-)) I really like to be able to se
more about what is going in inside my code, and I therefor looked for a
way to write to the apache log file, but found nothing in mod_python.

In the O'reilly book "Writing Apache modules with Perl and C" they have
an example where they got a logger out of the Request class (or whatever
they call it i Perl :-)). This don't seem to be the case in mod_python,
and the only reference I could find to logging is the PythonLogHandler,
and that don't sound like anything I could use.

Is there something i have misunderstood, or is there a way do redirect
stdout/err to the log or something fancy like that ?

Thanks in advance !


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