[mod_python] mod_python + MySQLdb => does it work?

markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net
Thu Jul 19 14:47:07 EST 2001

On 19-Jul-01 Tom Emerson wrote:
> markus.hillebrand at apis-group.net writes:
>> I tried to bring mod_python and MySQLdb together,
>> but I crashed on some problems.
> This works very well.
Fine to hear that, so my tries are making sense ;)

>> First of all: mod_python runs quite fine.
>> Also MySQLdb runs quite well.
>> But when I try to import MySQLdb from a python-script
>> that was invoked by mod_python I get a
>> ImportError: _mysql: init failed 
>> (whole error message is in the attachement)
> Check your Python load path within mod_python, and make sure that the
> directory containing the MySQLdb modules is there. Also make sure that
> the MySQLdb shared object can be found in the library search path.

I did this already and I created a script,
that I started with mod_python and I called

oRequest.write( str( imp.find_module("MySQLdb"))) 
  Result:(None,'/opt/<...>/site-packages/MySQLdb' , ('', '',5))

oRequest.write( str( imp.find_module("_mysql")))
  Result:(,'/opt/<...>/sitepackages/_mysql.so', ('.so', 'rb',3))

I think I have another problem. But which one?
Maybe my special configuration does not work,
may you tell me yours, Tom?

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