[mod_python] Sugestion about publisher

Damjan arhiv at freemail.org.mk
Fri Jan 5 16:32:33 EST 2001

On Tue, Jan 02, 2001 at 05:22:09PM -0500, Gregory Trubetskoy wrote:
> But I wonder what the usability of such a feature might be. (I'm not
> aysing I'm against it, I'd just like to have a small discussion about it
> first). 

It's usable to me ;) but what do the other mod_python users think?

> In general, I do not like implicit or default stuff like this - I think if
> you're specifying a module without a method, you should get nothing in
> return.

Sometimes people write URL's by hand, and not always will they remember the
whole URL. The problem I see is that you get HTTP_NOT_FOUND for a subset of a
valid URL and IMHO it's not very intuitive compared to 'normal' URL handling.

And every web server has a default page for a directory (index.html..).
> Another note - this modifies PATH_INFO. I think PATH_INFO should always
> represent what the user passed. 

It does't modify it, it just specifies a default PATH_INFO when PATH_INFO doesn't
exist at all. But Ok, the patch can be made differrent (I just chouse the sollution with
minimal changes to publisher.py).

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